As a Laborer at Wm. Mueller & Sons, you play a crucial role in our operational success. 

  • Your responsibilities will include the operation of diverse machinery and hands-on construction work.
  • Your expertise will ensure the seamless functioning of these machines and minimize downtime, aiding in the smooth progression of projects.
  • In addition, you will handle loading and unloading materials, often heavy, ensuring their safe transportation and delivery.
  • Taking direction from supervisors and other skilled tradespeople is integral to this role. You will receive instructions on tasks and projects, follow safety guidelines, and contribute to our culture of teamwork and mutual respect.
  • Physical fitness is key for this role, as it often involves strenuous activities, while reliability and a strong work ethic are equally important.
  • We rely on our laborers to be on time, ready to work and committed to delivering their best.
  • If you enjoy hands-on work and being a vital part of a dynamic team, this role could be a perfect fit for you.


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