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As a Laborer at Wm. Mueller & Sons, you play a crucial role in our operational success. 

Department:     Construction

Reporting to:    Job Foreman

Job Purpose:    Perform General Labor

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Ability to shovel, rake and sweep.
  2. Ability to adjust manholes.
  3. Ability to operate small equipment.
  4. Ability to maintain small equipment.
  5. Ability to bend and twist.
  6. Ability to check grade.
  7. Educated in construction safety.
  8. Ability to work with others, communicate effectively and take direction from dispatch and management.
  9. Need to pass random drug and alcohol testing.
  10. All other duties as determined by management

Key working relationships

The General Laborer will work under the supervision of the job foreman and project manager.  There is a need for effective communication skills with the job foreman, project manager and other employees on the job.

Hours of work

Typically 5 days a week Monday – Friday, occasional Saturdays if workload and weather requires.  Hours per week vary between 40 and 60 hours per week during the construction season.



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