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Aggregate Rock & Decorative Rock

pile of boulders


The geological composition found in our boulders may include granite, limestone, sandstone, and glacial

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plaster sand shown with a measuring tape and golf ball for size comparison

Plaster Sand

Plaster sand is a fine, washed sand often used in construction. It is lighter and finer than concrete sand, with smooth and

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Recycled Material

Additional Products

Wm. Mueller derives Fine Filter Aggregate from crushing and screening raw mined aggregate. We specifically tailor this production material’s granular consistency and size—this typically means that the particles are smaller and have a uniform distribution. Our Fine Filter Agg meets MnDot 3149.2J.

Wm. Mueller processes, crushes, and screens raw mined rock to produce Coarse Filter Aggregate. Unlike its finer counterparts, this aggregate has larger particle sizes that offer a unique filtration dynamic. Our Course Filter Agg material meets MnDot 3149.2H.

Pit Run or Common Borrow is the raw material taken straight from the ground without undergoing refinement or segregation processes like crushing, washing, or screening. Because of its unprocessed nature, the size and composition of the particles in this material can vary widely.

Select Granular <12% passing #200 refers to a specific classification of aggregate material based on its particle size distribution. The “<12% passing #200” notation provides information about the size of the particles and how they are graded.
Select Granular <12% passing #200 indicates that no more than 12% of the aggregate particles pass through a #200 sieve (which has openings of 75 micrometers or 0.075mm), meaning most of the material is coarser than this size. A #200 sieve is commonly used in aggregate testing to identify the fine particulate content of the sample.

Clay is a fine-grained, natural, earthen material that exhibits plasticity when wet. It can be molded into various shapes when moisture is present and retains its shape upon drying. Proper evaluation is essential to determine clay’s suitability for any specific purpose.

Screened topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil, usually the top 2 to 8 inches, which has undergone a screening process to remove larger objects like stones, roots, and other debris. The screening process typically uses a large mesh or grid to filter out these undesired items, producing a more uniform, fine-textured soil product.
Screened topsoil is valued for its purity and richness, making it a preferred choice for any project where healthy plant growth is a primary objective, including landscaping, gardening, lawn repair and installation, raised bed construction and site restoration.

Black Dirt (unscreened) refers to a type of soil typically rich in organic matter and nutrients that hasn’t been screened to remove larger debris such as rocks, roots, and clumps. As a result, this soil will contain a mix of fine soil particles along with the aforementioned larger materials. The “black” in its name indicates its dark color, which is a good indicator of its high organic content.

Unscreened Black Dirt holds value in many applications where soil quality is essential, but the fine texture isn’t crucial.

After extraction, specific aggregates might be heated to remove moisture. 

Residential Pick Up & Delivery

Contact our dispatcher to discuss products that work the best to complete your project or help with your landscaping needs. Delivery prices vary by load size and distance traveled.

The Carver Pit is our retail outlet. It has a large assortment of aggregate material and decorative rock available for pick up or delivery.

  • Carver Pit deliveries are within a 100-mile radius (St. Cloud, Morton, Rochester, and parts of Wisconsin)
  • All prices per US short ton (2000 pounds) FOB WMS Carver Pit.
  • County Aggregate Tax is included in prices.
  • When applicable, prices subject to MN State, Local and Transit Improvement Tax
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • All Products Subject to Availability
  • Wm. Mueller & Sons, Inc. is licensed and bonded.
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover
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Wm. Mueller & Sons front end loader filling a road construction truck

Carver Pit Hours Monday – Friday
Winter 7:00am – 4:00pm
Summer 7:00am to 5:00pm

Carver Pit  |  5215 Dahlgren Road  |  Chaska MN 55318




Pricing & Tax

  • All prices per U.S. short ton (2000 pounds) FOB WMS Carver Pit.
  • County Aggregate Tax is included in prices
  • When applicable, prices subject to MN State, Local and Transit Improvement Tax
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • All Products Subject to Availability

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