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Limestone 3/4″or 1″ Minus

1" minus limestone clear shown with a measuring tape and golf ball for size comparison

Limestone 3/4″or 1″ Minus

Our products, Limestone 3/4” or 1” Minus, are types of crushed limestone—one is ¾” rock down to the dust, and the other is 1” down to the dust. The “minus” indicates that it includes various stone sizes, along with the dust and particles resulting from the crushing process.

The mixed sizes mean that each piece of limestone can find a snug fit with its neighbors, making it a stable and sturdy material once compacted. 

These Limestone products are versatile, with many uses in construction, road building, and residential projects. These products are appreciated for their durability, stability, and ability to compact into a strong and sturdy surface. 

Base Material: The primary use of Limestone 3/4” or 1” Minus is as a base material for projects like driveways, roads, and parking lots. These products provide a strong, stable surface that can support heavy loads and constant traffic. The fines, when compacted, create a solid surface, while the larger stones give strength and durability.

Patio Paver Base: It is also used as a base layer underneath patio pavers or flagstones, providing a stable and even surface for them.

Building Foundations: Limestone 3/4” or 1” Minus can be used as a base material for building foundations, where it helps to provide stability and improve drainage.

Backfill Material: In construction projects, it can be used as backfill material for retaining walls or other structures. 

Pathways and Walking Trails: In residential and public landscaping projects, Limestone 3/4” or 1” Minus can be used for paths and walking trails. It provides a durable and stable walking surface.

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