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Limestone 1.5″ Clear

1/5" limestone clear shown with a measuring tape and golf ball for size comparison

Limestone 1.5″ Clear

Limestone 1.5″ Clear, also known as 1.5″ clean limestone, is a specific type of crushed limestone categorized by its particular size and purity. This type of limestone is crushed into roughly 1.5″ size pieces. The “clear” designation means it’s free from smaller particles because it has been screened. Limestone 1.5″ clear is known for its durability and structural integrity, maintaining its form under pressure and over time.

Uses in Construction, Road Building, and Residential Projects:

Drainage Systems: The larger size of this limestone and lack of fine particles makes it excellent for drainage applications. It can be used in drainage ditches, under decks, and in weeping tile systems.

Landscaping: 1.5″ clear limestone is also often used in landscaping applications for aesthetic purposes due to its larger size and attractive color. It can be used to create decorative rock gardens, stone paths, or as a filler around pavers or flagstones.

Base Material: Though less common than smaller aggregate sizes, it can still be used as a base for projects where larger sizes are suitable, like under slabs for sheds or as a foundation for flagpoles or monuments.

Erosion Control: The 1.5″ clear limestone can be used in areas prone to erosion. The size and weight of the rocks can help to keep soil in place, particularly on slopes and embankments.

Retaining Walls: Due to its size and durability, 1.5″ clear limestone can be used in the construction of retaining walls, providing structural support and allowing for good drainage.

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