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Rubble & Slurry

Removal & Disposal

Rubble and slurry disposal are essential aspects of the excavating and paving industry. We work closely with waste management companies, recycling facilities, and regulatory authorities to provide rubble and slurry disposal solutions.

Wm. Mueller and Sons road construction equipment

Rubble Recycling: To reduce waste and promote sustainability, instead of disposing of all rubble, certain materials like concrete and asphalt can be recycled and reused.

Slurry Management: Slurry is a mixture of water and concrete or asphalt fines generated during cutting, grinding, or other activities. Proper management of slurry is essential to prevent environmental contamination. Services may include the collection, containment, and responsible disposal of slurry to comply with local regulations. 

Permitting and Compliance: Excavating and paving companies are responsible for adhering to local regulations regarding the disposal of rubble and slurry, including obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring compliance with environmental guidelines. 

We do not accept: culverts, pipe, plastic, pavers, retaining wall block, brick, or anything with wire mesh. No reinforced steel. No sod, clay, roots, plants, building rubble, wood, or other similar materials.

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