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Blacktop 3/8″ Sand Mix

asphalt or blacktop

Blacktop 3/8″ Sand Mix

The Blacktop 3/8″ Sand Mix is a quality blend of medium-grained sand and asphalt binder that forms a durable and stable surfacing material. The medium-sized sand granules give the mix a slightly coarser texture than finer mixes, which enhances grip and can help minimize skidding. The asphalt binder unifies the sand particles into a solid, resilient surface upon compaction.

Blacktop 3/8″ Sand Mix is quite versatile and finds application in:

Patching: This mix is ideal for minor repairs and patching work on surfaces like driveways, parking lots, and pavements. Its coarser consistency allows it to fill larger holes and cracks effectively.

Resurfacing: The 3/8″ Sand Mix is a suitable choice for resurfacing older, worn-out, or damaged asphalt surfaces that require a bit more substantial treatment.

Non-heavy traffic areas: Similar to the 1/4″ Sand Mix, it’s an excellent choice for areas such as walking paths, bike lanes, and residential driveways that don’t bear heavy vehicular traffic. Its coarser texture could offer better traction for these applications.

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