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Blacktop 1/4″ Sand Mix

asphalt or blacktop

Blacktop 1/4″ Sand Mix

Our Blacktop 1/4″ Sand Mix is a high-quality mixture of fine sand and asphalt binder that forms a robust, durable surfacing material. The fine sand contributes to the mix’s granularity, providing an excellent grip and reducing skid potential. The asphalt binder, on the other hand, binds the sand particles together, creating a strong, durable surface when compacted.

Blacktop 1/4″ Sand Mix is versatile and can be used for various applications:

Patching: The mix is great for small repairs and patching work on driveways, parking lots, and pavements. Its smooth consistency allows it to fill holes and cracks effectively.

Resurfacing: The 1/4″ Blacktop Sand Mix is ideal for resurfacing old, worn-out, or damaged asphalt surfaces.

Non-heavy traffic areas: Due to its fine consistency, it’s a good choice for areas like walking paths, bike lanes, or residential driveways that don’t experience heavy vehicle traffic.

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