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River Rock 2″ – 6″

River Rock with Wm. Mueller Golf ball for size indication

River Rock 2″ – 6″

Minnesota river rock is predominantly brown, tan, gray, and occasionally pink or red from iron deposits. River Rock has aesthetic appeal, durability, and versatility. WM Mueller River Rock ranges from 2″-6″ in diameter, making them suitable for a variety of applications. The stones are well-rounded and smooth due to natural water erosion.

Drainage Systems: MN River Rock is often used in drainage applications because of its size and shape. It allows water to filter through the rock layers, reducing flooding and soil erosion.

Landscaping: These rocks are often used in landscaping for aesthetic purposes, including paths, rock gardens, and as filler around pavers or flagstones.

Erosion Control: MN River Rock can be utilized in civil engineering projects for erosion control, particularly in areas where water runoff is an issue. The rocks help reduce the speed of flowing water, thereby reducing erosion.

Decorative Facades: In architectural applications, MN River Rock is used as a decorative facade for buildings, walls, and other structures.

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