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Limestone 3″ Minus

3in minus limestone with measuring tape and golf ball for size comparison

Limestone 3″ Minus

Limestone 3″ Minus is a specific classification of crushed limestone that signifies the size and composition of the aggregate. The “3 inches” refers to the maximum size of the individual stones, and the “Minus” indicates the inclusion of various smaller sizes down to and including dust.

One of the key benefits of using 3″ Minus limestone lies in its excellent stability and load-bearing capacity. When compacted, the mix of large and small particles interlocks, forming a solid, durable surface that can support heavy loads.

Moreover, Limestone 3″ Minus provides good drainage. While the mixture forms a stable base, water can still permeate through the gaps between the particles, minimizing water pooling or runoff issues. This material finds use in several applications. For large-scale projects, such as road construction, 3″ Minus limestone often serves as the initial base layer due to its strength and stability. It’s also commonly used in landscaping for creating robust and sturdy paths and constructing bases for driveways and large patios. Furthermore, it’s ideal for building up a site’s grade or filling deep over-digs due to its excellent compaction and load-bearing properties.


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